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Front Door Decorations

Front Door Decorations

A front door can either be a basic passage way for guests to enter your home, or a statement for all that walk by. Without changing your door, you can use a variety of ornaments and interior design ideas to make your door a reflection of your artistic side. Knocker. Call it vintage, retro, or old world- whatever genre you place it, when you install a knocker on your front door, you’ll receive... [Read more]

Three Ways To Change Your Door (without a big change to your bank account).

Three Ways To Change Your Door (without a big change to your bank account).

New doors sound like new windows. Expensive, detailed, and problematic. But this doesn’t have to be your experience. Install the Door Yourself. Much of the the costs associated with door and window installation are related to the labor involved with installation. So you can avoid the large portion of this cost by selecting a door that is ready for DIY installation. Online retailers like... [Read more]

Reasons Homeowners Select Wooden Front Doors

There are plenty of trends in entry doors today. When you buy a modern front door, you’ll have lots of different materials to choose from. Your options can include fiberglass, steel and aluminum. And while these door materials have their advantages, it’s important not to forget about the most classic of all door materials, as wood entry doors are always in style. A wooden front door adds character... [Read more]

Knotty and Nice: Knotty Alder in Home Decor

Renowned for its spotty/knotted appearance; anything fashioned from knotty alder has a distinctively rustic appeal that is hard to deny. Not only that, it is remarkably versatile and can be combined with a variety of stains and treatments to suit a wide range of interior decorating styles and moods. Rustic Aesthetic Try combining knotty alder with hand-scraping and/or dark staining if you’re looking... [Read more]

Add Light and Beauty to Your Front Doors with Sidelites

Installing new wooden front doors at your home is one way to spruce up the look of your home and add to its curb appeal. But it’s just one way that you can invigorate the appearance of your house’s front entrance. An easy and affordable way to increase the attractiveness and airiness of your house is to install sidelites. These are vertical window panes that run along one or both sides of exterior... [Read more]

Spice Up Your Bathroom Door

Bathroom remodels are one of the most popular small-to-medium sized projects done in the United States, and given their relative ease, they also become a target for DIYers looking for a quick change.  Probably one of the last components considered during a bathroom remodel is the door, but it’s also one of the greatest opportunities to add dimension, texture and color. Here’s a few ways to increase... [Read more]


Doors are wooden. Just like the sky is blue, and the moon shines brightest in the dark. These are facts. But there are also other facts. The sky can grey, and the moon still shines in the day, we just don’t see it. keeping this in mind, we’d like to present the idea that doors for your home can be aluminum. Yup, aluminum. Gone are the days of metal doors relegated to office buildings... [Read more]